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From the beginning, we need to mention the establishment and growth of our Parish. This was the direct result of an Italian Colony in the vicinity of Niagara Falls . In 1880, a great influx of Italian workmen settled close to the Falls View area and by 1909 a great need was felt to build an Italian National Church in this locality. St. Ann's opened its doors on August 10, 1913.

With the expansion of the Italian community the old church was demolished and a new modern church was erected. The new church was completed in 1957. At about this same time a parish rectory was built on an adjacent lot.

In 1963 the Golden Jubilee Year of St. Ann, it was purposed to build a Parish centre for youth activities as well as for men's and women's groups. Soon a campaign to raise funds for the new centre was underway.

A walkway through beautiful gardens leads the way to a shrine of St. Ann which was erected to commemorate the World Marian Year which ran from June 7th, 1987 to August 15th, 1988. Most of the changes happened during the long years of service of Father Enrico Michetti. Father Michetti served the parish for 33 years. Recently, our Parish has experienced a rebirth within the community

Men's and Women's Groups are now reforming to the benefit of the community. Our newly installed access ramp and doors to both the church and the hall encourage all members to fully participate in worship and social activities.